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Waterproof Universal Remote Control

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Waterproof, weather-resistant universal remote idea for kitchen, pool, bar and outdoor areas to deliver single-zone IR control of TV, A/V Components, cable and satellite boxes. This text-based remote features an easy-to-read LCD screen and backlit hard button keypad. The screen displays custom-programmed labels for six adjacent buttons. When used with a compatible Complete Control® base station, the MXW-920 controls integrated A/V components through walls and doors. There is no need to point the remote at the components or even be in the same room.


Waterproof, weather-resistant remote - ideal for kitchen, pool, bar and outdoor areas
Ergonomic design with backlit hard button keypad
Delivers single-room, one way control of IR devices
Controls A/V through walls and cabinet doors, or from outside
Text-based LCD
Displays on-screen labels for adjacent buttons
Button labels change to correspond with activity
Compatible Complete Control® Base Station Required
Professional programming by authorized URC Complete Control® dealer required


SKU: MXW-920; MXW-920i
UPC: UPC 656787-200920 (MXW-920); UPC 656787-292017 (MXW-920i)
Network Connections
RF: 418 MHz (MXW-920); 433 MHz (MXW-920i for international and highly-populated markets); range 50-100 feet (15-30 meters),
IR range of 30-50 feet (9-15 meters); frequency 15 kHz to 460 kHz
Powered by AAA alkaline batteries
Compatible Systems: URC Complete Control®
Dimensions: 2.3" (58.4mm) W x 8.9" (226mm) H x 1.1" (28mm) D
Weight: 14 oz (0.40 kg)
Warranty: One year limited warranty

What's in the Box:

MXW-920 Remote
4 x AAA alkaline batteries

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