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Z-Wave Plus™ Switch SP 15A

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Ideal for controlling wall outlets and devices that can’t be dimmed (for example, outdoor lights, radios) and standard wall outlets, URC 500 Series Master Switches support 15A, 120 V AC 60HZ LED, CFL, incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, fluorescent, and/or halogen bulbs.


Z-Wave Plus™ technology
Electra-mechanical push pad for ON/OFF operation
Patented indicator system alerts if dimmer is not set up on network
Blue LED illuminates to indicate ON/OFF status; brightness of LED can be adjusted or turned off
Single button programming
Programmable delayed OFF mode up to 4 minutes (default is 10 seconds)
Panic mode for increased security & integration with security systems
Configurable “power up” state
Compatible with any Decora® wall plate (not included)
Available in White, Light Almond and Black


SKU: URCL-9601-NDW (White)
          URCL-9601-NDLA (Light Almond)
          URCL-9601-NDBL (Black)
UPC: UPC 656787-500037 (White)
          UPC 656787-500020 (Light Almond)
          UPC: 656787-500013 (Black)
Z-Wave Plus™ technology
120 V / AC, 60 Hz
4 x 6″ pre-stripped wire leads for line, load, ground and neutral
Dimming LED, CFL, ELV, and Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts
Compatible Systems: URC Total Control, URC MX HomePro
Weight: 4.5 oz (0.13 kg)
Warranty: Please visit

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URCL-9601-XXXX Master Switch

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