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Z-Wave Plus™ Dimmer 600W / 300W LED

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Using dimmers saves money by reducing emerging consumption and dramatically extending bulb life. URC Master dimmers (120V AC, l60H support up to 300-Watt LED or CFL bulb and up to 600 Watt low-voltage (magnetic or electronic. incandescent, dimmable fluorescent or halogen bulbs and feature adjusting low-level and high level trims. Extremely easy to use, the URCL-9640 dimmers feature an elector-mechanical push pad for ON/Off operation and a separate DIM/BRIGHT bar. Easily integrated with URC Total Control smart automation and control system, these dimmers can also be controlled by any URC Total Control user interface. In circuits where a light is controlled by more than one dimmer, one URC 500 Series Master Dimmer and the appropriate number of accessory dimmers (up to five) must be installed.


Z-Wave® Gateway
Programmable rapid start feature ensures lamp start-up even at low dim levels
Electra-mechanical push pad for ON/OFF operation with separate DIM/BRIGHT bar
Eight step blue LED display alongside push pad indicates selected light level and reduces brightness when OFF (night light feature). This LED can also be dimmed or turned off
Patented indicator system alerts if dimmer is not set up on network
Adjustable ramp rate (up to 4 minutes)
Adjustable low-level trim setting helps prevent flickering
Adjustable high-level trim setting for additional energy savings
Compatible with any Decora® wall plate (not included)
Available in White, Light Almond and Black
NOTE: Wall outlets should never be controlled by a dimmer due to the risk that someone might plug in an inappropriate device (anything with an electric motor such as a vacuum cleaner or fan) which can cause damage or potentially create safety hazards


SKU: URCL-9640-NDW (White)
          URCL-9640-NDLA (Light Almond)
          URCL-9640-NDBL (Black)
UPC: UPC 656787-500099 (White)
          UPC 656787-500082 (Light Almond)
          UPC: 656787-500075 (Black)
Z-Wave Plus™ technology
120 V / AC, 60 Hz
4 x 6″ pre-stripped wire leads for line, load, ground and neutral
Dimming LED, CFL, ELV, and Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts
Compatible Systems: URC Total Control, URC MX HomePro
Weight: 4.5 oz (0.13 kg)
Warranty: Please visit

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Z-Wave Plus™ Dimmer 600W / 300W LED

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