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Z-Wave Plus™ Receptacle 15 A 125V

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The URC 500 series split receptacle replaces regular receptacles to provide local and remote RF ON/OFF control of a single outlet. Moreover, the receptacle provides other programmable functions (scenes, events, association, etc.) when used with a URC or other Z-Wave Plus compliant controllers. The receptacle can be manually and remotely controlled by commands sent from a URC controller or other Z-Wave Plus compatible controllers or programs. A URC 500 Series RF Duplex Receptacle utilizes existing 120V AC, 60 Hz standard house wiring and fits into a standard single gang wall box. No new wiring needed.


Z-Wave Plus™ technology
Provides wireless Z-Wave Plus control of one outlet, leaving the other one for normal use
Complies with 2011 NEC® section 406.12 specification that states all receptacles installed in swelling units must be tamper resistant
UL listed safety shutter system prevents insertion of foreign objects into receptacle
Ability to be controlled remotely by other URC 500 series devices through association
Patented built-in wire stripper for #14 and #12 wire to speed installation
Electra-mechanical push button located at the center of the device for inclusion and ON/OFF operation
Blue LED at center illuminated to indicate ON/OFF status (LED is dimmable)
Panic mode for increased security & integration with security systems
Configurable “power up” status
Patented indicator system alerts if receptacle is not set up on the network
Available in White, Black and Light Almond


SKU: URCL-TR9605-TWH (White)
          URCL-TR9605-TLA (Light Almond)
          URCL-TR9605-TBL (Black)
UPC: UPC 656787-500143 (White)
          UPC 656787-500167 (Light Almond)
          UPC: 656787-500150 (Black)
Z-Wave Plus™ technology
120 V / AC, 60 Hz
Horsepower rating: 1/2 HP (9.8 A)
Compatible Systems: URC Total Control, URC MX HomePro
Weight: 4.5 oz (0.13 kg)
Warranty: Please visit

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URCL-TR9605 Receptacle

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