Advanced Automation Technology Delivers Inspiration for Hartman Design

Hartman Design Group taps Nard’s and URC’s Automation Technology to deploy automation enabling its world-class interior design services

Hartman Design Group (HDG), an award-winning commercial interior design firm, has tapped Nard’s, a technology system designer and installer and URC, a global leader in automation systems, and to create inspirational, branded spaces.

The Hartman Design Group realized that smart design begins with its own office environment and team. Using technology, HDG engaged Nard’s to create uniquely branded spaces in its board room and social spaces. The system allowed the automation and control of audio/video software and components.

Designed by Nard’s, Inc. and built on URC’s Total Control automation and control system, technology is enabling Hartman Design to change the workplace environment. As Hartman Design Group moves beyond traditional design and operations approaches, it uses systems technology to:

  • Create luxurious spaces by automating audio and video systems
  • Showcase HDG’s innovative interior design presentations
  • Unify control and automation across systems and environments
  • Drive staff efficiency by eliminating simple tasks

“Having a considerable number of meetings and presentations both in person and via video chats, It was critical for our team to have a high tech conference room,” stated Phyllis Hartman, President and CEO of Hartman Design Group, Inc. She continued, “Nards delivered a system that was elegant, easy to use and produced great audio and video quality.  This room now is a great space for us to gather for staff meetings, client presentations, and video calls.”

To help support this vision of branded, inspirational spaces, Hartman Design hired Nard’s to support the advanced technology infrastructure using URC’s Total Control Accelerator operating system and its superior hardware solutions. Components installed at the headquarters office include:

  • base stations like the MRX-15
  • user interface devices like the TKP-7100
  • premium audio distribution DMS-100
  • network switches like the MFS-8

Nard’s, Inc., a leader in advanced technology solutions for commercial and residential buildings located in McLean, VA.  John Carroll, Chief Technology Officer for Nard’s, Inc., aided in the bringing vision and concept to reality using the latest URC Total Control software and devices. John stated, “Hartman Design challenged us to design a system that is incredibly intuitive while delivering innovative, branded experiences.”

URC, a global leader in automation and control technology, provides automation and control systems from easy-to-install Accelerator to TC Flex which offers a “blank canvas” to create customized, unique spaces. Its hardware solutions deliver state-of-the-art functionality via touchscreen controllers, processors and its new High-Definition (HDA) audio products. With URC products as the core of the system, the installation delivered seamless, intuitive control.

“URC’s Total Control system, including our Accelerator operating system, is an excellent choice for commercial projects like The Hartman Design Group. It’s scalable, easy to program, fast to install and reliable. It can deliver creative, enjoyable, comfortable, safe spaces while saving energy and resources,” stated Mr. Chang K. Park, Founder and CEO of URC.

About Hartman Design Group, Inc

Hartman Design Group is an award-winning commercial interior design firm specializing in new construction and renovation of multi-family properties since 1987. With a distinctive body of work that spans five decades, HDG has partnered with some of the most notable and highly respected developers both nationally, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Phyllis Hartman began Hartman Design Group in 1987 and she was determined to create a firm that brought together clients, consultants and the Hartman Design Group team. This holistic approach to every design project continues today and is the force behind interiors that are aesthetic, practical and communicate the Client's peak brand image.

About Nard's, Inc.

Nard’s, Inc. is a leader in advanced technology solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Headquartered in McLean VA USA, Nard’s, Inc. provides customers automation and control systems that save time and resources while delivering unique experiences. From small to large-scale deployments, Nard’s, Inc. offers expert, professional design and installation of entertainment systems.

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