COMMERCIAL Energize the productivity and efficiency of your commercial space with URC’s broad portfolio of solutions, powered by Total Control.

BARS & RESTAURANTS Intuitive, smart systems that allow managers and staff to focus on customer service. Easily automate audio distribution, video scheduling, lighting by day-part, heating/cooling and integration with smart devices.

OFFICES & CONFERENCE ROOMS Easy, one-touch control of presentation and video conferencing in board rooms, conference rooms, and huddle spaces.

SUPERMARKETS Deliver entertainment that can drive traffic, loyalty and higher rings at check-out.

MUSEUMS & ART GALLERIES Imagine a multi-sensory experience that guides patrons throughout their journey.

FOOD TRUCKS URC’s Total Control can be right-sized to small spaces and deliver superior sound and functionality.

STADIUMS & VENUES Communities unity by cheering for hometown heroes. URC’s portfolio of solutions delivers seamless blending of sound, superior technology, and easy integration.

COMMUNITY CENTERS URC’s Total Control system can create individual experiences in spaces designed to nurture and unity communities. Easily customize multi-use spaces for unique events.

FITNESS CENTERS Create powerful fitness experiences with Total Control that’s packed with energy and encouragement.

IDEA CENTER Get inspired and see what others have done with their businesses using URC's Total Control. Learn More