Advanced Technology Delivers Automated Entertainment For Glory Days Grill

Glory Days Grill taps Nard’s and URC’s automation technology to deploy automation enabling unparalleled entertainment for its guests

Glory Days Grill®, a network of 39 award-winning, full-service, sports-themed family restaurants, has tapped Nard’s, Inc., an automation system designer and installer, to create entertaining, branded dining environments.

Glory Days Grill realized that entertainment must be impactful, easy to implement and simple to maintain. Using technology, Glory Days Grill engaged Nard’s to create uniquely branded spaces across its restaurants. The system allowed the automation and control of audio/video (AV) software.

Designed by Nard’s, Inc. and built on URC’s Total Control® automation and control system, technology is enabling Glory Days Grill to change the restaurant environment. As Glory Days Grill moves beyond traditional design and operations approaches, it uses systems technology to:

  • Create enjoyable spaces by automating audio and video systems
  • Showcase dining and viewing combinations
  • Unify control and automation across locations
  • Drive staff efficiency by eliminating simple tasks

“The growth of Glory Days Grill has resulted in a greater reliance on technology and automation to deliver consistent entertainment and atmosphere control across all of our locations, stated Ric Seaman, Glory Days Grill’s Director of Entertainment, Atmosphere and Technology (E. A. T.). He continued, “Nard’s has been an integral partner by providing systems that automate multiple elements of our atmosphere as well as our initial daily entertainment lineups.  The systems are easy for our staff to operate.  Which in turn allows more time to focus on our guests.”

To help support this vision of branded entertainment spaces, Glory Days Grill hired Nard’s to support the advanced technology infrastructure using URC’s Total Control Accelerator operating system and its superior hardware solutions. Components installed at several Glory Days Grill locations:

  • Base stations like the MRX-30
  • User interface devices like the TKP-7600

John Carroll, Chief Technology Officer for Nard’s, Inc., aided in bringing vision and concept to reality using the latest URC Total Control software and AVB network devices. John stated, “Glory Days Grill challenged us to design a system that was easily repeatable and incredibly intuitive while delivering innovative entertainment experiences.”As a result of his experience working with Glory Days Grill, John Carroll and Nard’s, Inc. were recognized recently for their commitment to service excellence and support.

URC, a global leader in automation and control technology, provides automation and control systems from easy-to-install Accelerator to TC Flex which offers a “blank canvas” to create customized, unique spaces. Its hardware solutions deliver state-of-the-art functionality via touchscreen controllers, processors and its new High-Definition (HDA) audio products. With URC products as the core of the system, the installation delivered seamless, intuitive control.  

“URC’s Total Control system is an excellent choice for Glory Days Grill. It’s scalable, easy to program, fast to install, and reliable. It can deliver enjoyable, comfortable, safe spaces while allowing staff to focus on delivering enjoyable guest experiences,” stated Mr. Chang K. Park, Founder and CEO of URC.

About Glory Days Grill

Founded by Richard Danker, Bob Garner and Jeff Newman, Glory Days Grill is a full-service, sports-themed family restaurant featuring a wide selection of food items served at very affordable prices with outstanding service and real-time entertainment.  Every restaurant brings together award-winning menus accompanied by numerous large screen televisions tuned to a variety of sports, cartoons, news and entertainment offerings. Tables and booths have individual volume-controlled speaker stations adding to the guests’ enjoyment.  Many locations have private banquet facilities, and all restaurants feature catering services. Glory Days Grill has been named Best Casual Theme Restaurant, Best American Restaurant, Best Sports Bar, and has also received accolades for Best Ribs, Best Wings, Best Chili, Best Burger and Best Bartender to name a few.

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