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URC Launches Voice Assistance and Certified Integration with Apple TV

URC, a leader in global smart residential and commercial automation, today announced that their MRX-30 and MRX-15 premium system controllers can now be used to control Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

Through this native integration, users can natively control Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD across URC’s portfolio of interfaces including:

  • Tabletop Controllers with 7” to 10” touch screens: TDC-9100 and TDC-7100
  • In-Wall Controllers with 5” to 10” touch screens: TKP-9600, TKP-8600, TKP-7600, and TKP-5600
  • Ergonomic Handheld Remote with 2.4” capacitive touch screen: TRC-1480

With a simple press of a touch screen or mic button on the TKP-8600 and TRC-1480, users can now ask Siri to control what is playing on Apple TV, search for shows and movies, and check the score of a game. Also, users can ask Siri to control HomeKit-enabled accessories, such as lights, door locks, and thermostats.

With Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, customers can enjoy their favorite shows and movies from all the popular video apps, use the Apple TV app to watch Apple TV+ award-winning originals, and have the opportunity to buy or rent thousands of newly released movies, classic favorites, and TV shows. Customers can also enjoy Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and thousands of other apps, including games, fitness, and education — all through one device built for the biggest screen in the home.

“This next generation of voice-enabled, Apple TV integration ensures that our dealers can easily install smart home systems with premium streaming entertainment quality across hardware and streaming sources. This is the first true integration among custom electronics installation brands,” stated Lars Granoe, URC’s VP Product Development.

URC is the first residential and commercial brand in the industry to launch premier integrations across its MRX-30 and MRX-15 premier system controllers. Combining the power of URC’s Total Control MRX-30 and MRX-15 controlled systems and Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD creates unified, smart home control for homeowners. Key benefits of the Apple TV integration include:

  • Unified Operation – Use the Total Control system to ask Siri to answer your personal requests on your Apple TV, minimizing the number of controllers
  • Voice/Hands-Free Control - URC’s voice commands allow two-way communication with simple homeowner operation across URC user interfaces
  • Simplified Integration Programming – Fast, easy, professional programming through URC’s home automation dealer community
  • Fast User Response – URC’s secure data base enables quick response to voice commands and provides a superior user experience when searching or launching apps.

URC’s dealer community is excited for this launch. Ryan Yeackley, of iconic Schaefer’s TV stated, “I am truly excited for URC’s integration with Apple TV as it is a simple, straightforward solution for our clients. Adding the capability to use Siri with the TRC-1480 and TKP-8600 expands the ability to not just navigate to the Favorites app faster, but can be used as an alternative audio source. The module is lightning fast and has a clean UI. I believe showing this in our showroom will add more comfort during the buying process. Seamlessly connecting all of their streaming devices is a big benefit. Kudos to the URC team on publishing another solid module expanding the integration capabilities of an already robust library of device integrations.”

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Given the growth in voice activation and control, URC is planning more products and integrations to ensure unique, innovative, customized experiences for its end-users.

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