From the Opening Scene, Doc’s Workshop Delivers an Automation Wonder

Wavelength Audio Video, 88 MPH Time Machine and URC have teamed up to take you Back to The Future

Bill Shea is a collector’s collector focusing on a variety of priceless memorabilia including restored and replica automobiles. Combined with his interest in movies, especially Back to the Future, and you have an experience like no other.

Located in Massachusetts, Bill created The 88 MPH Time Machine Experience featuring some of the actual DeLoreans from the Back to the Future Trilogy. The experience takes the guest through an immersive journey recapturing the magic of Doc’s Workshop. Just like the opening scene - Doc’s radio turns on, coffee pot starts brewing, television turns on, toast is burnt and dog food dispensed. Much of this automation is triggered by sensors and custom programming.

To create this automated experience, Bill tapped Tim Manning from Wavelength Audio Video of Bernardsville, NJ. Wavelength Audio Video is an expert in designing, installing and servicing audio video products for professional, residential, and commercial environments.

URC, a global leader in automation and control technology, provides automation and control systems from easy-to-install Accelerator to TC Flex which offers a “blank canvas” to program customized, unique spaces. Its hardware solutions deliver state-of-the-art functionality via touch screen controllers, processors and its new High-Definition Audio (HDA) products. With URC products as the core of the system, the installation delivered seamless, intuitive control.

Luxul, a leading innovator of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals, also played an important role in the installation by providing networking products. These elements aided in system networking and activating devices within the experience.

“Wavelength AV and URC made significant contribution to our workshop project,“ stated Bill Shea, the visionary collector and founder of The 88 MPH Time Machine Experience. He continued, “URC provided major components that made the final product an amazing, automated display which will be shared with many Back to The Future fans. They also have provided us with a sales engineer who has spent many hours helping bring this amazing display to completion.”

“Working with Bill Shea and Marcel Snipes from URC was an incredible experience for our team at Wavelength AV,” stated Tim Manning, Solutions Expert and Systems Designer for Wavelength. He continued, “URC’s Total Control helped us bring Bill’s vision to life.”

“URC’s Total Control is an excellent choice for deployments with unique customization and one-of-a kind features,” said Lee Rambler, URC’s Director of Sales. He continued, “Working with Wavelength AV and Bill Shea’s team allowed URC’s field sales to provide an important resource and activate this experience.”

This installation captured the attention of Hollywood and played an important role in the Discovery+ original, 4-part series Expedition: Back to The Future. Host Josh Gates teamed with Christopher Lloyd in search of the iconic DeLorean Time Machine. This search led them to Bill Shea and his amazing 88 MPH Time Machine Experience.

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