Total Control 2.0

Z-Wave® Single, Configurable Dimmer or Switch with White Paddle

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The next generation of smart device control, URC Lighting creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or quiet family events with a line of a smart dimmer/switch and networking devices. Seamlessly launch customized experiences with intuitive lighting control and so much more. Imagine…just tap the control button to turn off the lights, turn on the TV, lock the doors, set the temperature and more. URC Lighting devices display notifications for programmed triggers like an open garage door, a triggered window sensor or an approaching delivery. With a simple touch, URC Lighting enables smart control and automation across the Total Control system.


Reliable performance and easy Z-Wave® networking
Robust settings for true customization
Built in configuration button with simple touch scene control
Colorful, customizable LED bar for visual notifications
Available in 8 popular colors with change kit
TRF-ZW10 Z-Wave® Plus Gateway required (sold separately)


SKU: LT-3300-WH

UPC: 656787-705296
Default Color: White
Color Change Kit Available to Change Paddle Color (8 Available Colors)
RF Technology: Z-Wave® Plus LR [S2 Encryption]
RF Frequency: 908.42 MHz
Z-Wave Chip: 800 Series
Power: 120 Volt AC / 60Hz
Usage: Indoor, not to be used with Fans or Motors
Installation: Neutral and Non-Neutral Installation
Max Wattage:

  • 600W Single-Gang, 500W Double-Gang, 400W Triple-Gang Incandescent
  • 300W LED (All Installations). 150W CFL (All Installations)
Min Wattage:

  • Neutral Wire: No Minimum Required
  • Non-Neutral: Minimum 40W to 25W depending on light type (LED or CFL)

  • W: 1.83” / 46.51mm
  • H: 4.13” / 104.78mm
  • D: 1.25” / 31.75mm
Weight: 4 oz / 28.34g
System: Total Control®
Professional Programming Required
Warranty: Please visit

What's in the Box:

URC Light Dimmer/Switch

Sold Separately:

TRF-ZW10 required

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