Total Control 2.0

Current Sensor

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URC’S current sensor can automatically detect a device’s status by sensing the magnetic field and tell the URC Total Control system to react to it. Perfect solution for use devices that may not have discrete on/off commands, such as cable boxes. Required professional installation and programming by a certified URC Total Control dealer.


Current sensing capability
Status indicator LEDs
Sensitivity adjustment
Extendable up to 120 feet with two-conductor cable (not included)
URC Total Control Advanced Network System Controller required for operation


UPC: 656787-330443
1 x 3.5mm plug
Status indicator LEDs
Dimensions: 3″ (76.2mm) W x 6″ (150mm) H x 1″ (25.4mm) D
Weight: 3 oz (0.09 kg)
Warranty: Please visit

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SEN-CMF Current Sensor

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