Total Control 2.0

5-inch Handheld Touch Screen with Voice Control

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This premium handheld controller presents a streamlined design with both a touch screen and hard buttons for optimal hand feel and functionality. The hard buttons deliver the convenience of control without having to look at the screen. When separated from the charging base, the keypad features back-side finger grips to complete a perfect fit. The vibrant 5-inch color LCD screen delivers high-resolution graphics and ease of use. With enhanced processing speed, the TDC-5100 enables quick response to simple one-touch or voice commands, and the built-in mic and speaker communicate seamlessly via Amazon Alexa, Comcast Xfinity or Apple TV. Proximity, ambient light and pickup sensors wake the device and ensure a premium user experience. Compatible with all URC Total Control integrations, the TDC-5100 is able to control an entire residential or commercial URC system.


5” high-resolution LCD Screen
Attractive design with back-side finger grips
Built-in mic and speaker communicate seamlessly using voice command via Amazon Alexa, Comcast Xfinity or Apple TV
Native A/V intercom allows you to make audio or audio-video calls throughout the system
Easy installation with 2.4 and 5 GHz Quick Connect Wi-Fi


SKU: TDC-5100
UPC: 656787-705265
Processor/Memory: Flash Memory 8GB
Ethernet: N/A
Wi-Fi: Quick Connect 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz
LCD: 5” Capacitive Touch Display
Battery Life: 3 Days, Normal Usage
Camera: Yes
Sensor: Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Pickup Sensor
Microphone: Yes
Speaker: Yes
Dimensions: 8.27″ (210.06mm) W x 4.41”” (112.01mm) H x 1.28” (32.51mm) D
Weight: 11.5oz (0.33 kg)
Warranty: Please visit

What's in the Box:

TDC-5100 Handheld Touch Screen
Charging Base
USB-C Charging Cable
Power Adapter

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