Software Request Form

If you have one of the legacy remotes listed below, you may apply for a basic version of the software but URC will not be able to support any of your efforts to reprogram and calling a local dealer would still be your best option.

URC software works only on PCs, not Mac products.



*KP-900/MX-900 Editor will work only if remote was manufactured prior to Sep. 2013. Newer remotes will be rendered useless if downloaded with editor.

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*If your model # is not listed, please contact your local dealer.

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All of the above information is required. Serial number is required. Note that the serial number is located inside the battery compartment, on a white sticker underneath the bar code and usually starts with KB, IB or IA. The date of purchase can be approximate. Please read and accept the following EULA then submit your form. You will be e‐mailed a download URL.

End User License Agreement

By accepting this End User License Agreement, you agree to not sell, give or share this copyrighted software in any way to any other party. Doing so will result in full prosecution as allowed by law. This software is meant for your own personal use. Our editor software is exclusive to authorized dealers and professional installers; therefore, URC does not provide programming support. A programming manual for your specific model remote control will be provided for your reference.

You are responsible for keeping a back‐up copy of this software’s set‐up file on a disk or flash drive, as this link will expire. You may be denied software if the information on this form does not meet our requirements or if any information is missing. You may have other rights that vary from state to state and which overrule this document.

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