The Meridian Group Delivers Unique Commercial Experiences with URC’s Advanced Technology

URC’s automation technology creates rich, consistent, branded experiences in buildings around the Washington, DC area

Building owners around Washington, DC are tapping two leading firms to create inspirational, sustainable, branded spaces: URC, a global leader in automation systems, and Nard’s, Inc., a technology system designer and installer.

Building owners embracing the innovative technologies include The Meridian Group, a real estate investment and development firm that owns and maintains office, residential, hotel and mixed-use space primarily in the Washington, DC area. Designed by Nard’s, Inc. and built on URC’s Total ControlÒ automation and control system, the technology is enabling The Meridian Group to streamline and elevate the workplace environment.

The Meridian Group is moving beyond traditional design and operations and using the new systems technology to:

  • Create luxurious spaces by automating audio and video systems
  • Ensure brand consistency across properties with similar guest experiences and staff operations
  • Automate simple processes and access, driving efficiencies
  • Unify control and automation across systems, properties and environments.

“We have been very pleased by the innovative technology that continues to deliver seamless integration across our properties,” said Robert Shepard, Project Manager at The Meridian Group. “We look forward to working with Nard’s as we continue to improve the operations at our buildings and enhance the workplace environment.”

The Meridian Group hired Nard’s to support the advanced technology infrastructure using URC’s Total Control Accelerator operating system and its superior hardware solutions. Components installed at the 1901 L Street property include:

  • Advanced base stations like the MRX-30 and MRX-10
  • Intuitive user interface devices like the TKP-7600
  • Premium audio distribution DMS-100
  • Network switches like the MFS-8

Similarly, Nard’s was engaged to support the advanced technology infrastructure at The Aleck, an office building at 1400 L Street in Washington D.C. Using the easy-to-install URC Total Control system, Nard’s deployed similar hardware solutions while focusing on creating luxurious environments and a more efficient protocol.

As The Meridian Group continues its property enhancements, Nard’s is delivering similar systems with integrated operation. This strategy allows fast, simple deployments and automation across multiple properties. Just as importantly, these systems are easy-to-use and intuitive for staff operation.

Nard’s, Inc. is a leader in advanced technology solutions for commercial and residential buildings located in McLean, VA. John Carroll, Chief Technology Officer for Nard’s, Inc., helped bring The Meridian Group’s vision to reality using the latest URC Total Control software and devices.

“The Meridian Group challenged us to design systems that deliver all-encompassing innovative experiences which are repeatable across a variety of locations,” Carroll said.

URC, a global leader in automation and control technology, provides automation and control systems from easy-to-install Accelerator to TC Flex, which offers a “blank canvas” to create customized, unique spaces. URC’s hardware solutions deliver state-of-the-art functionality via touchscreen controllers, processors and its new High-Definition Audio (HDA) products. With URC products as the core of the system, the installation delivers seamless, intuitive control.

“URC’s Total Control system is an excellent choice for commercial projects,” said Chang K. Park, Founder and CEO of URC. “It’s a scalable, easy-to-use system, fast to install and reliable. It can deliver enjoyable, comfortable, safe spaces while saving energy and resources,” stated Mr. Chang K. Park, Founder and CEO of URC.

About Nard's, Inc.

Nard’s, Inc. is a leader in advanced technology solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Headquartered in McLean VA USA, Nard’s, Inc. provides customers automation and control systems that save time and resources while delivering unique experiences. From small to large-scale deployments, Nard’s, Inc. offers expert, professional design and installation of entertainment systems.

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