URC Launches Google-Certified Nest Climate Control Integration

New integration delivering unified smart home features with Nest Thermostats

HARRISON, NY (December 6, 2022) - URC, a leader in global smart residential and commercial automation, announced today its new certified integration with Google Nest Thermostats. Users can now integrate Nest thermostat devices into URC’s Total Control® for a seamless user experience that evolves today’s smart home experience.

URC touch screens and remote controls are now a portal that allows users to monitor and adjust Google Nest thermostats within URC’s Total Control automation environment.

With professional installation, Total Control can launch customized scenes where multiple activities occur like adjusting the indoor climate, locking the door, arming the security system, activating exterior lighting, and playing a preferred audio cue.

Combining the power of systems and devices creates a new age of unified, smart home control for URC’s customers. Key benefits include:

  • Unified, Seamless Operation – Google Nest device operation within the Total Control system minimizes the number of control devices, like touchscreen interfaces and remotes.
  • Create Robust Scenes – With professional programming, users can launch robust scenes in Total Control to create their ideal environment. By integrating Google Nest devices, professional installers can create scenes, like “Good Morning” and “Goodnight,” that adjust climate, lighting, shades and drapes, and arm security devices.
  • Voice/Hands-Free Control - URC’s voice enabled devices allow two-way communication and control with simple homeowner operation across URC user interfaces devices.
  • Remote Access and Control - Total Control’s mobile app allows the user access to Total Control including the ability to monitor and adjust Google Nest devices from anywhere. Superior user experience tools allow easy adjustment of alerts and notifications according to preferred schedules.
  • Lower Energy Costs – Integration offers users the ability to reduce heating and cooling costs with monitoring and automating climate settings.

“This next generation of voice enabled, climate control integration with Google Nest ensures that our dealers can easily install complete smart home systems with premium climate control and monitoring quality across hardware and sources,” stated Lars Granoe, URC’s VP Product Development.

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