URC Launches Voice Assistance And First Certified Control Integration With Ring

New offering seamlessly blends the Ring experience with URC Total Control® devices

URC Touch Screen with Ring Integration

HARRISON, NY (September 30, 2022) - URC, a leader in global smart residential and commercial automation, and Ring, whose mission is to make neighborhoods safer, today introduced an integration that unifies control and automation systems and evolves the smart home experience. Users can now access select Ring devices using URC’s Total Control® family of products to view live video feeds, talk to visitors at the front door, and receive motion alerts, all on URC products installed throughout the home.

“This next generation of voice-enabled, security monitoring integration with select Ring devices enables our dealers to install smart home systems with premium security and monitoring quality across hardware and sources,” stated Lars Granoe, URC’s VP Product Development.

The Ring integration will begin with compatible Ring Video Doorbells and Ring security cams, letting users access many of the same Ring features they would on their Ring app. For example, as a guest approaches the front door, the Ring Video Doorbell will alert the homeowner on pre-configured URC screen devices that lets users take a preferred next step, like interacting via two-way talk or observing what is happening via Live View. The homeowner can also set up these Ring motion alerts or Doorbell press to trigger other events within Total Control like turning on lights or play a sound throughout the home.

“We’re thrilled that Ring is working with URC to enable integration between Ring Video Doorbells and security cameras with the Total Control experience.” said Andrew Vloyanetes, GM, Ring Commercial Solutions. “We are all about giving our customers personalized, easy to use solutions, and this integration not only brings convenience into the smart home for URC customers, but also helps provide the peace of mind Ring products have become known for.”

This is one part of the larger Total Control experience. With professional installation, users truly personalize their experience, launching customized scenes where multiple activities occur like locking the door and arming the security system, activating exterior lighting, and playing a preferred audio cue. The addition of compatible Ring devices can occur at URC user interfaces, like touch screens and remotes, throughout a home or office.

Combining the power of systems and devices creates a new age of unified, smart home control for URC customers. Key benefits include:

  • Unified Operation – Compatible Ring device operation within the Total Control system minimizes the number of controllers or remotes. When triggered by motion detected by a supported Ring device, Total Control devices stream video from the Ring Video Doorbell or security cameras, as well as audio notifications throughout the home.
  • Voice/Hands-Free Control - URC’s voice commands allow two-way communication with simple homeowner operation across URC user interfaces and select Ring devices. Real-time communication allows the homeowner the option to speak directly with the guest.
  • Customization to Match User Preferences - Total Control’s superior user experience tools allow easy adjustment of Ring device alerts and notifications according to preferred schedules.
  • Simplified Integration Programming – Fast, easy, professional programming through URC’s home automation dealer community that can create Scenes with multiple actions:
    • Lock the front door
    • Turn-on porch lights (any lights on system)
    • Arm the security system
    • Trigger an audio notification
    • Activate mic/speakers on any touch screen throughout the house
  • Fast User Response – Customers will have a more seamless, automated experience, quickly getting alerts and the information they need once compatible Ring devices are integrated into the URC system.

This new offering provides additional options for the URC dealer community. Tim Manning, CEO of Wavelength Audio Video and Smart Home Store stated the following:

“URC’s new integration with select Ring devices continues to elevate our residential offerings. With the prevalence of Ring devices, this integration offers native, flexible security and monitoring capabilities to a broad consumer base. Adding voice control capability with the URC TRC-1480 and URC TKP-8600 expands the ability to monitor zones, quickly receive notifications and respond to approaching visitors while minimizing the number of user interfaces. Kudos to the URC team on publishing another solid module expanding the integration capabilities of an already robust library of device integrations.”

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